I am based in Sandefjord and Oslo, Norway. Sometimes in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I take commision work around the world.  Among my clients are, Jotun AS, Telenor, Yara, Manpower, Statsbygg, Oslo Cancer Cluster, Det norske Samlaget, Det Norske forsvaret, PGS, Volvo Penta, Zebra Agenturer, Forskingsrådet, Format Eiendom

In my art photography I work between street documentary and dreamlike images of unknown places. Most of my work is digital, but some of my artwork is analog, using cinema film.

 Photography for me is painting with light! The blurs, the spots that I use in my work, those are errors! But the errors are part of it, they give it poetry and turn it into paintings. They are photographs that are almost not photographs, taken with cinema film of 35 mm, I load unproperly in a camera. From the very beginning I will let random processes intervene in the shoot, the image will be blurred, moved, touched. Then I will interfere in the developing process, scratching, veiling, touching to alter. In my work as an artist that captures, there is a game of election and experimentation of the place, a “being there” so that the space penetrates into my gaze, the gaze of my eye-camera.
My images are a hybrid of vintage and modern. I use innovative techniques, but Vintage camera’s are also a part of my arsenal. Pinhole cameras are part of one of my procjets with trees seen from below.
”Everything that we see is a glimpse of possible places, of places where the past remains tangled to the present and preparing the future, places of dead people, of the living, of people that will never exist. ”


"Longing and belonging".

San Telmo, Buenos Aires 2017 and 2018

By Linda Cartridge 

“I close my eyes and I am there, in the busy streets of San Telmo.

I open my eyes and gaze at my images.

Traveling back in my collected memories.

A gaze with a photographic filter, depicted from my balcony. 

My home on the other side of the ocean from where I was born.

A place I know so well.

A place where I now belong.” 

All the photos have been captured in the spare of the moment. Not one is premeditated. Waiting for the decisive moment from the same spot, looking down, looking left right and center. 

I have been viewing this street from my balcony, on and off for more than 10 years, knowing it so well.

The photos from the project “Longing and belonging” have been made in October and April 2017 and April 2018.


2018 galleri osebro

2017 Galleri Osebro 

2017  Sandefjord

2012- Sandefjord Cordelias Hus

2010- Buenos Aires, Masottatorres Arte contemporano
2010- Peru, Lima foto
2010- Buenos Aires , Masottatorres Arte contemporano
2009- Buenos Aires, ArteBA
2008- Sanefjord, Vandergalleriet
2009- Porsgrunn, galleri Osebro
2008- Buenos Aires, Festival de la Luz
2008- Oslo, Odonata
2007- Rosario foto

I give photo workshops around the world, Berlin, Buenos Aires, India, Istanbul, Laos, Vietnam, Oslo and Sandefjord.








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